Which Automated Controller Is Right For You And Your Pool?

As you are about to see, even when we stick with only one brand, comparing the different Pentair Controllers is complicated. There are a few variations of what look to be the same product, which gets very confusing. There are a few questions you need to answer to know which one you will need. I will try to break it down as easy as I can. For this example I am sticking with the most popular and my own favorite brand for Automated Controls; Pentair EasyTouch.

First things first, do you have just a pool or a pool and spa combo? You will need the right one so it comes with the correct components inside. If you have a ‘Pool and Spa” please skip ahead to that section. We will start with the “Pool Only” section.

Second, does your current electrical have a sub panel? This is the box with either your old mechanical timers (yellow dials) or old automation system. “Sub Panel”  means there are breakers underneath the timers or in the box of the old automation system. If you do have breakers in that box you will need to replace it with one that has room for breakers (a sub panel).

Third, are you planning on adding a salt system to your pool? If so, this would be the time to do it because you can buy it all together for less money. This is made possible with the Pentair IntelliChlor System. You will need to make sure your unit says that it has the “ICP” transformer and cell included.

Fourth, would you like a wireless control unit that you can carry around the backyard or house and control your pool equipment including any lights, waterfalls, spa controls, heater… Or would you like a wall unit to replace the one you had for your old system?

The last option here is if you would like to control everything from your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world you have internet access (ScreenLogic 2). This is sold separately and can be added to any of the above variations.

ScreenLogic2 Interface Kit

So I will break it into two major sections; Pool Only and Pool and Spa Combo. And then I will break it down with the other options.

One (1) Year Warranty if Installed by Pool Professional, Sixty (60) Day Warranty if Installed by Non-Professional, see Owner’s Manual for a full description of warranty claims and coverage details.

Pool Only (No Attached Spa)

No Breakers In Old System

Pentair Easytouch PL4 – This unit will only control up to 4 things. This means your filter pump, booster pump, pool light, and fountain pump or any other list of only four components. If you have more things to control, you will need to get an Easytouch that ends in 8.

Pentair EasyTouch PL4 System (Pool Only And No Breakers) – Basic

You can buy this unit by itself or with a Wired Control, Wireless Control, or ScreenLogic2 add on. When you buy and install this unit by itself you will need to go outside to change any programing or turn equipment on/off manually but you will save money on the upfront cost. You can also buy a “Bundle” with the PL4 System and ScreenLogic2 together. (All Below)

Pentair EasyTouch PL4 (Pool Only)

PentAir Wireless Control Unit For PL4

PentAir EasyTouch PL4 and PSL4 Wireless Controller

PentAir Wired Control Unit (Replacing Old Wall Unit)

PentAir Wired Control Unit

Pentair EasyTouch PL4 System (Pool Only) – With ScreenLogic2

PentAir EasyTouch PL4 (Pool Only) With ScreenLogic2

Yes, Breakers are In The Old System (Box At Pool Equipment)

Staying with the “Pool Only” section as above, the equipment below is the same as above except the main unit has a “Sub Panel” built in. If you are replacing a unit without breakers there is no advantage to add more breakers here. Your breakers are inside your main breaker box at the house or in a different sub panel somewhere else. If you do have breakers inside your current controls, you will need one of the options below. Also, the handheld remote system and the wall unit are different for the sub panel system so please click the picture for one you need below.

PentAir EasyTouch 4 And 8 With Sub Panel

The Items below are still for “Pool Only” (No Spa Attached) but we add a “Sub Panel”. These panels are available in both 4 functions and 8 functions. This simply means the number of devices it can control. Remember that you will use 1 of the functions for your filter pump so if you buy the EasyTouch 4 you only have 3 more pieces of equipment you can control. This includes lights which need their own spot.

Pool And Spa Combo


Adding Salt

EasyTouch Control System Model Part Numbers
520591 EasyTouch 4P – Single Body (base system – no ICP, no actuators)
520703 EasyTouch 8P – Single Body (base system – no ICP, no actuators)
520538 EasyTouch 4 – Pool/Spa (base system – no ICP, 2 actuators)
520540 EasyTouch 8 – Pool/Spa (base system – no ICP, 2 actuators)
520592 EasyTouch 4PSC-IC20 – Single Body (includes SCG integration & IC20 cell)
520593 EasyTouch 4PSC-IC40 – Single Body (includes SCG integration & IC40 cell)
520704 EasyTouch 8PSC-IC20 – Single Body (includes SCG integration & IC20 cell)
520705 EasyTouch 8PSC-IC40 – Single Body (includes SCG integration & IC40 cell)
520542 EasyTouch 4SC-IC20 – Pool/Spa (includes SCG integration & IC20 cell, 2 actuators)
520543 EasyTouch 4SC-IC40 – Pool/Spa (includes SCG integration & IC40 cell, 2 actuators)
520544 EasyTouch 8SC-IC20 – Pool/Spa (includes SCG integration & IC20 cell, 2 actuators)
520545 EasyTouch 8SC-IC40 – Pool/Spa (includes SCG integration & IC40 cell, 2 actuators)
521150 EasyTouch 8SC-IC60 – Pool/Spa (includes SCG integration & IC60 cell, 2 actuators)