Polaris pool cleaners have always been great automatic pool cleaners. The quality of the design means that the cleaners are heavily tested so that they perform well in every situation. They should all last you easily over 10 years with very little maintenance. Most last 15 years. These are just a few reasons that almost 80% of in-ground pools have a Polaris Pool Cleaner. There are a few options that you need to know about in order to select the right one.

What pool cleaner do you need? You will need to look and see if you have a booster pump at your equipment pad. If you are not sure what a booster pump looks like, please click here to see one. They are all very similar in design although there are many brands. If you have a booster pump regardless of brand, you will need to select one of the Polaris Cleaners requiring one (below). I have seen way too many pool cleaners installed on a pool that has a booster pump but the cleaner was not designed to use one. This will result in a cleaner that moves very slowly.

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Pressure Side Cleaners – Booster Pump Required

My favorite Pressure side pool cleaner is the Polaris 280 (requires booster pump). This cleaner is a work horse. It has a very simple design that requires very few repairs throughout it’s life. When repairs are needed, they are very reasonable. The bag on the Polaris 280 is large and debris does not get stuck like the Polaris 380. There are also no belts to break like the Polaris 380.

Pressure Side Cleaners – No Booster Pump Needed

If you do not have a booster pump you should select the Polaris 360. Instead of a booster pump you will have a valve at the equipment on the pressure side that directs water to the dedicated threaded wall fitting on the side of your pool. This is where you connect the pool cleaner. You should feel water coming out of the threaded wall fitting and not suction. You will adjust the valve to make the cleaner run faster or slower.

Suction Cleaners

If you feel suction at the wall fitting on the side of the pool, you will need to look into different suction side pool cleaners. The Polaris suction side cleaner is actually not my favorite. I prefer the Kreepy Krauly Kruiser or other Kreepy Krauly suction cleaners instead. They work better and last a lot longer without repair. Feel free to use the contact page here to ask any specific questions about cleaner selection.

Above Ground Pool Cleaners

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