Kreepy Krauly Is My Favorite Suction Side Cleaner!

Kreepy Krauly started out making suction side pool cleaners only. They had a very simple design with only one moving part. They worked very well and they hardly ever had any problems.

As the years past on Kreepy Krauly advanced their cleaners making them even better. They even found a way to get rid of the kind of annoying clicking sound they make while running (Kreepy Krauly Kruiser).

The only moving part is the “Flapper” (flow valve) inside the unit. This part is responsible for moving the unit around the pool. The great thing is that this “Flapper” was made out of the same material as skateboard wheels and used to come with a lifetime warranty.

They have not changed the material even though they do not boast a lifetime warranty any longer. I still think that this is one part that you will never need to replace.

In fact, the only parts you will most likely replace are the items that make contact to the bottom of the pool. This would be the Foot Pad and the Pleated Seal. Most likely you will only replace these every 5-7 years. 

As far as the Pressure Side Cleaners Kreepy now offers, they are products from a company they purchased years ago (Letro). Letro was known as the “copycat company” because they were notorious for copying other companies products and changing just a few things. They were tangled up in a few large lawsuits that  weakened the company and it was eventually bought by Pentair which also owns Kreepy. I think the Kreepy Pressure Cleaners work well and should be compared directly against their Polaris counterparts. 

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