Are all Booster Pumps the same?

It may seem like all booster pumps are the same because they are similarly priced and the same horsepower. The difference is actually in the wet end of the pump itself and the fittings/hoses that come with the pumps.

I personally would never install a Waterway booster pump because I don’t like the fittings and hoses that come with it. It is here for comparison reasons.

I also don’t particularly like the fittings or hoses of the Hayward booster pumps.

That leaves the Pentair, Polaris, and Zodiac Booster Pumps. Polaris is now owned by Zodiac and the two pumps are identical. If you look at the prices for those two you usually see a higher price for the identical Zodiac version. Funny right?

As far as the Pentair Booster Pump, I like it but I still prefer the Polaris Booster Pump.

The Polaris Booster Pump in my opinion is superior because they recently redesigned the wet end of the pump to be more efficient and quieter. The motor is unchanged. I also like the new fittings and hoses they provide with the pump.

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Pentair 3/4 hp

Polaris 3/4 hp

Waterway 3/4 hp

Hayward 3/4 hp

Zodiac 3/4 hp