Variable speed pool pump

A new Variable Speed pool pump is your biggest and best chance to save money on your pool operations.

Pool pumps have truly come a long way in the last few years. They are quieter, smarter, and much more efficient. There are also many laws that are now in place in many states that prevent you from installing a single speed pump when your old one fails or you are building a new pool.


Pool_Maintenance_Mad_Cover_for_Kindle Pool Maintenance Made Easy is now available in it’s second edition on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the iBook Store! I am very proud of the new version which was completed in  March 2014. This is a step by step guide to easy swimming pool maintenance. Save hundreds per year avoiding the purchase of unneeded chemicals. Maintain a clean, clear, and healthy

Polaris 280

My favorite Polaris Pool Cleaner!

The Polaris 280 pressure side pool cleaner is my all time favorite. This is my go to pool cleaner when I am replacing any other pressure side pool cleaner. I will explain why the Polaris 280 beats out even the higher priced Polaris cleaners in my book. I will also quickly explain what a “pressure side” cleaner means and if this cleaner will work for you.

Let’s start with why

pool stain preventative

Many leaves and other debris cause stains on pool surfaces during the fall. Here’s how to prevent it!

Many tannins and minerals cause stains on pool surfaces. Two big examples are acorns and oaks leaves. I have seen a great looking pool look like the surface is ruined just one week later after a wind or rain storm. Fortunately, all is not lost! The product that I am going to recommend is designed as a

Here is the weekly pool maintenance log that you should use to keep track of your weekly water tests and when you last serviced your equipment. Service Record For Customer  – For Windows Service Record For Customer – For Mac

Pool Maintenance

Preventing Green Algae and Maintaining a Clean, Clear, and Healthy Swimming Pool- Sunbelt Climate

Owning a swimming pool in California.

It’s summer here again in California, or at least it feels that way. If you own a swimming pool you may already be seeing the changes to the previously easy to maintain water. The first thing you might notice is a little haze or cloudiness in certain light. You